Skincare Review: Clinique Moisture Surge & Caudalie Beauty Elixir


Hi Guys, Just thought I would do a quick review on some skincare products I picked up a few months back! You know those products that are so talked about, that it just makes you not want to get them? That is how I felt about both of these products. I have heard so much hype and rave about these two products that I really held off on getting them. Now let me give you a quick run down.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a part toner, and mist of essential oils. It is suppose to create a glowing complexion, tighten pores and give an overall radiance to the skin. I enjoyed this product. I do find my skin a lot more healthy feeling. I believe all of the oils and flower extracts really made a difference on my skin. Its a handy little product to take with you on the go for a quick makeup fix. It has defiantly became a go to product for me in this crazy Canadian winter. 

Clinique moisture serge intense skin fortifying hydrator is a gel/cream that is meant to hydrate for 24 hours and repair skins natural moisture barrier. I personally found this moisturiser very heavy!!! I have normal-dry skin and this was just too much! I was using it twice a day, morning and night but it was making my skin very oily. I did stop using the product for a week or two, but realised it was almost 40$ and I was not going to waste that money. In turn it became my night time cream. It made my skin feel healthier, but it was also very heavy. I would not repurchase this product, unfortunately. 

What is a good daily moisturiser you use? I would love some suggestions!!

xx Sarah