Review; Juju bar by Drunken Elephant

When it comes to skin care I really try and find pieces that don't have too much hype. Although on a rare occasion I get caught in it, I do my best! So when I was shopping on Sephora I saw this product and I had never heard about it, but it looked and sounded super interesting. It claims to be a "three-in-one bar that deeply cleanses, subtly exfoliates and heals skin". And that sounds like a perfect product for me. 

In the past few weeks I have found my skin to be lacklustre and a bit prone to break outs. And with it being spring and summer right around the corner I prefer to wear a lot less makeup, when I do wear it. So I like my skin to be on its A game. 

This is the bar, let's just take a second to appreciate its beautiful packaging... Okay, back to the post! 

I was so excited I could not wait to use it the night I had received it in the mail, so this is the bar after almost a week of use. To use this you simply wet your hands, rub the Juju bar between your hands and then massage the milky lather into your skin. You will be ultra surprised at how luxurious it feels! There are tiny little bits in there that exfoliate your skin and they feel amazing. It's perfect for everyday use. (I have been using it two times a day)

The results; my skin feels incredible. I have a glow back in my skin and I've noticed that on my nose where my skin was feeling a bit congested is clearing up dramatically. I have also noticed that my pores feel tighter and that my products are sinking into my skin instead of sitting on top of it. I love this product! 

Has anyone else tried this product? Let me know what you think or if you have any recommendations! 

Sarah xx