Berry Cheek | Outofashion

Due to my skins dehydration and everyones skin getting dull during the winter/end of winter months (I live in Canada and it is still pretty chilly these days *Sigh*) I just find I need to add some type of colour back into my face. I am not one for eye shadow, I focus on my lashes. So adding in colour is done through my cheeks or my lips. In the rare occasion I am not wearing a red, dark red or plum tone lip colour I like to add a pop of colour on my cheek.

 I wanted to try something different- a plum/ berry toned cheek. I searched around Sephora which is my go-to beauty store. I didn't find anything I loved. I decided to check out MAC, which is usually my last resort.Don't get me wrong, they have good products, I just never have any luck with them and the girls that work at my location come on super strong and I always feel uncomfortable. But anyways, I found this beautiful matte berry colour called Stubborn.

This is a prolong wear blush with a beautiful plumy-berry colour. I was actually terrified when I got home (Again, the girls at my MAC aren't super nice, so I usually just grab something and go!) It is a very pigmented bold colour that if not blended will leave brush lines!

After much fussing around with brushes, I fell in love with the colour! It adds a warm plum flush that just makes my sad dehydrated skin look happy!!! I thought it was so unique and fun. This look is super wearable, But the blush can be added with a heavier hand and be more bold as well!

What do you guys think? Would you wear this look!