Maxi in the fall


Hi all! It's been a while since I have had a chance to update my page, but I'm so glad I'm taking the time to do so! I have been so busy with work and my new internship, plus my birthday was Monday!!

Anyways heres the outfit I wore out to run errands today before I had to throw on dress pants for my oh so glorious job.

I am totally in love with burgundy this fall. It's such a warm and "fall" color. Most of my new fall pieces are in burgundy! This sweater and rings are from H&M, skirt is from Urban planet, boots from Little Burgundy's and I got this watch at Value Village... It also doesn't work, but I adore it. Also, it was $2, so I can't go wrong.

How is your fall going so far? I feel like it's almost half way done! I don't want winter to come yet!