Favorite vintage/ thrifted pieces of the moment


Thrifting has to be one of the best ways to add unique pieces to my wardrobe (in my opinion). To me it is absolutely thrilling to walk into a store and have no idea what you will find. Even if it is a vist to the store where you walk out empty handed it is still an experience all in it's own to inspire your visual and creative senses. Then if you want out with a bag full of new and interesting things, it's a lucky day. So here are my current favorite pieces!

First off is my vintage jean vest. This is probably my best find ever. It is so versatile an such a staple piece for spring/ summer. Also it will transition nicely into fall with a sweater underneath it. I have paired it with a light pink floral tank and high waisted cropped pants. But it goes with everything and just gives it a vintage/ edgy feel.

I adore this sweater. I purchased it at a value village, same goes for the next piece. It is warm one of those sweaters that is perfect to dress up or down and is just right for any weather. It has a bit of a print on it, but I think it just adds to the charm of the sweater. I will usually wear this with something high waister because it is just a bit short. But in these pictures I'm just wearing it with some floral shorts.

Lastly is an accessory, a belt in fact! It is a really basic thing to have, but when I seen it I knew I had to have it. Unfortunately it is very tiny and I am only able to wear it with things that are high wasted. So here I am wearing it with a nude silk tank top and this sheer maxi skirt. I think it really adds a vintage look to any outfit also the gold hard wear is an added touch.

These are just some of the many pieces I own, but I am wearing this so much right now and will very easily transition them into my fall/ winter wardrobe. What are some things that you have found while thrifting?