Breaking all the rules at work -OOTD


Hi Ladies, So today I woke up in a feisty mood. I was called into work 4 hours early and did not want to interact with anyone. Mostly for the reason that I have been working every night and I am starting to dislike my job with a passion (Fingers crossed for  hearing back from Aritzia!!!!!!!!!!!) In turn I decided that instead of wearing dress pants to work I was going to wear jeans... Here is how my outfit turned out.

Cheap Monday Second Skin Jeans - UO online / White T - H&M / Burgundy Blazer - Aritzia  

Decided to roll up the jeans so it didn't look so boxy

Really bad quality loafers/boat shoes - Urban Planet 

Close up of my favorite necklace from Topshop
Overall work was still a drag, but I got a bunch of compliments on my outfit which makes me happy. Hope you all had a good day. Talk to you soon xx