How I Style ; Fitted Maxi Dress


Hi guys, because I do mostly OOTD's I figured I would change it up a bit! This post will be how I style a fitted maxi dress. I used one dress throughout the whole post. It is a black maxi dress from American Apparel ( This one here! ) It was 44$ which is not too bad for a good quality black maxi! I figure in a couple of seasons when I get tired of the length, I can always cut and hem it!

Okay! So onto the outfits! I tried to do very different looks for each, So here it is! :)

Black On Black; Simple long layers, bold lips and jewelry

 Here I simply layered a long cardigan over the dress. I love the simplicity and class that this outfit has. I paired it with a thick gold chain necklace and black chelsea boots.

Winter Boho; Neutrals paired with floral for a summer feel.

 This is my favorite outfit. This taupe sweater is my go to for everything. I love the length with this dress, its an effortless look. The vintage floral head wrap is a nice touch to give a bohemian feel.

Girly Grunge; Boy-ish feel to a very feminine and sexy dress. 

 I really love how grungy this outfit turned out. I think its my comfort zone. I love to add layers and more edgy pieces because I dont like fitted dresses that show off my body too much. The layers in this outfit is perfect for that. Plus, my denim vest is one of my essentials.

Amish paradise(lol);  flowy and easy to wear, topped with a thick scarf and floppy hat 

For some reason there is only one picture of this outfit! What happened camera?!?!?! But I never wear this silk button up. But I love it in this outfit. Its flowy and a warm tone so its perfect for this time of the year or even fall. As well, this hat is a go to piece. I love how much it adds to the simplest of outfits!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun putting it together!
And I will be starting up a YouTube channel!!!! Very excited for that! I will keep you posted! :)

Enjoy the rest of your week!