Review ; UNIF Hellraisers


So after waiting FOREVER and EVER my lovely boyfriend treated me to UNIF hellraisers for our anniversary back in the summer. I've had these for well over 7 months, but I think that because of the style/ price of these shoes I could only give my opinion after really using them for a while.

I'll start off by saying I have GIANT feet. And a lot of brands do not cary my size. I am a 11 women (I believe that is a 41 or 42 in UK sizes) So when we were at the store, they did not have my size, lucky me. In turn I got a 9 in mens. I was a bit bummed out because the mens shoes are obviously wider, and I'm already super self conscious about my feet! (Silly, I know) But aside from all of that nonsense, I wore the shoes all summer. I find it hard to wear them now because of the awful weather that we are having in Canada. But I can not wait till I am able to wear these again. I always got compliments on them, people loved them.

I have heard a lot of people losing spikes easily, my boyfriend in fact lost about 3 or 4. I did not have this problem. I did lose 1 spike, but I mucked up my foot getting out of my friends car. Therefor I blame it on myself. The shoes are a tad bit heavy(Could be due to my large feet), and I have occasionally hit my leg with my shoe, and it does suck. But over all, they are a really cool piece to have.  A very unique shoes and make a medioker outfit, fun!

I would recommend getting them! I love mine, and I still try and wear them even though the weather here is awful. I am looking into getting some cool socks to pair with them, so maybe I can wear them with a dress to work.

What is your opinion of the UNIF hellraisers? Do you think they are too talked about? Or do you think they live up to the hype?

Sarah xx