Snow day face


Hey guys! Wow, has it ever been a while. I actually terribly miss writing on here and having a place to actually log my outfits, makeup and style ideas. I have basically used my Instagram (Outofashion, if you want to follow me there too) as my make shift blog. It is just easier. But, back to business! Last night in Toronto it snowed, and snowed, and snowed. Today I walked outside and the snow was almost up to my knees.

I got ready for work, regardless of the awful snow, the fact that I would be taking transit, and the fact that I was actually feeling sick. Walking to my bus stop my manager calls me and tells me to go back home. Because of the snow storm, no one wanted to leave their house. But, I had already gotten ready, So I browsed around the near by mall.... Point of this post... Here is the simple makeup look I put together. (My first Face Of The Day!)

Nars Sheer glow/Mac Russian Red/ Mac Select cover up/ Mac Warm Soul/
Mac Cream coloured base in PearlGosh Brow gel/
Essence Brow pencil in 02 brown/ Maybelline Great lash -Lots of lashes

 Sorry for the crappy quality photo! I'm getting use to my new camera!
 (Its a cannon rebel T4i)
 How has your winter been going so far?

Sarah xx